Intercom Clone Project

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This project is a home-built "clone" of the industry standard analog production intercom system. (i.e. Clearcom, etc.)

Our intercom boxes, power supplies, interfaces, headsets, etc. are all completed and in use. However this web documentation  of the project is still a work in progress. Feedback to: to the author will encourage more rapid completion of the information posting(!)

Photos of finished units
Icom.jpg (70 Kb) Schematic Diagram (70k JPEG)

Circuit Description  -  An explanation of how the system works and the basic description of the circuit.

pcb.jpg (103Kb) Printed Circuit Board Photo (103k JPEG)

PC Board Layout Patterns

Parts List/Source (with Radio Shack part #s catalog pages & prices)

Stuffing instructions

Mechanical drawings

Headset sources

Intercom System Power Supply

Interfacing to Sony CCUs

New ComClone Project Intercom Clone

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