Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Department of Music
Cannon Beach, Oregon   August 3, 2007
Accompanist: Carol Rich
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Down in the River to Pray [# 61]  
Arr. Marc A. Hafso
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Solos: Jo Routh, Cameron Herbert, Phil Hurley, Helen Deitz, Betty Busch,
Jacob Herbert, Sally Mehler, Janis Lord, Amber Johnson
Exsultate Deo  [# 135]  
(Sing Aloud with Gladness )
Composer: Alessandro Scarlatti
Text: Psalm 81:1
Transcribed by Robert McDowall
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Agnus Dei  [# 70]  
from Kleine Orgelmesse
Composer: Franz J. Haydn
Ed. Arr., Translated by Patrick Liebergen
Conducted by Brian Eichenberger; Denver, Colorado
Quoniam  [# 66]  
from Mass in d minor
Composer: Johann A. Hasse
Ed. Martin Banner
Conducted by Brace Langenwalter; Keizer, Oregon
Heilig  [# 106]  
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Ed. Gregg Smith
Conducted by Seth McMullen; Eagle, Idaho
Gloria in Excelsis Deo [# 42]  
Composer: Eleanor Daley
Conducted by Lynn Stevens; Sacramento, California
The Glory of the Father [# 82]  
Composer: Egil Hovland
Ed. Frank Pooler
Adapted from John 1
Conducted by Patricia Knaus; Eugene, Oregon
The King of Love My Shepherd Is [# 180]  
Irish Tune
Arr. Mack Wilberg
Conducted by Steven Glade; Las Vegas, Nevada
Flute: Sally Mehler Tenor Solo: Terry Annalora
The Rune of Hospitality [# 81]  
Composer: Alf Houkom
Text: from the Gaelic
Conducted by Mark Kloepper; Tacoma, Washington
Siriri [# 2]  
Brazilian Folk Song
Arr. Daniel R. Alfonso, Jr.
Conducted by Susan McDowell; Portland, Oregon
Blow Ye the Trumpet  [# 102]  
from opera John Brown
Composer: Kirke Mechem
Words from a traditional hymn
Conducted by Diane Strohmeyer; Petaluma, California
Snow  [# 28]  
from Voices of Earth
Composer: Steven Chatman
Text by Archibald Lampman
Conducted by Barbara Wagner; Buffalo, New York
Tutira Mai  [# 54]  
(We Stand As One)
Traditional Maori Folk Song
Arr. Martin Ellis & Henry Leck
Conducted by Deborah Lyttle; Guatemala
Fare Thee Well Love [# 128]   
Composer: Jimmy Rankin
Arr. James Q. Mullholland
Conducted by Helen Deitz; Portland, Oregon
Solo: Tom Swafford
This Shall Be For Music [# 140](171)  
Composer: Donna G. Schultz
Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson
Conducted by Amber Schroeder; Gresham, Oregon
French Horn: Betty Busch
Mingulay Boat Song [# 16] (16)  
Hebridean Sea Song
Arr. Ken Berg
Conducted by Melinda Beyers; Gladstone, Oregon
Solo: Brace Langenwalter
I Dream a World [# 157] (193)  
Composer: Joan Szymko
Text by Langston Hughes
Conducted by Pat Wiehe; Indianapolis, Indiana
The Peace of Wild Things [# 158] (214)  
Composer: Joan Szymko
Text by Wendell Berry
Conducted by Tom Sears; Eugene, Oregon
Alley Cat Love Song [# 23] (66)  
Composer: Paul Carey
Poem by Dana Gioia
Conducted by Lyn Salyers; Gresham, Oregon
Soloists: Cameron Herbert, Deborah Lyttle,
Anne-Marie Katemopoulos, Cynthia Frank, Ken Tuttle
March [# 15] (133)  
from Solfege Suite
Composer: Ken Berg
Conducted by Amber Johnson; Las Vegas, Nevada
Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit [# 78] (115)  
African-American Spiritual
Arr. Moses Hogan
Conducted by Matthew Pierce; Astoria, Oregon
Certain'y Lord [# 59] (6)  
Traditional Spiritual
Arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
Conducted by William Loper; Denver, Colorado
Bound for Mt. Zion!   
Revise Your Plan!   
Haste Thee, Nymph [# 63]  
Composer: George F. Handel
Ed. Geoffery M. Mason
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger
Conducting Professor: Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Assistant to Prof Eichenberger: Marilynn Summers
Portland State University Program Manager: Dzuan (John) Nguyen
Technical Support: Richard Crowley, Rosemayne Thompson, Shannon Nelson