Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Haystack Program
Cannon Beach, Oregon   August 6, 2004
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Welcome guest.
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use only by program participants. Please honor the rights of the
composers and publishers. Use of these materials is tracked.
Frohlocket, ihr Völker auf Erden (109)  
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Ed. Lawrence Kaptein
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger, Talahassee, Florida
Te lucis ante terminum (107)  
Composer: J. Aaron McDermid
St. Ambrose, 8th century
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger, Talahassee, Florida
Holy, Holy, Holy (110)  
Felix Mendelssohn
ed. Larry L. Flemming
Conducted by Wendy Bamonte; Portland, Oregon
Parce Domine (131)  
Felix Nowowiejski
ed. William Bausano
Conducted by Brian Eichenberger; Denver, Colorado
He Gave them Hailstones  (71)  
(from Israel in Egypt)
George F. Handel
Ed. James Jordan
Conducted by Mavis Weston; Vancouver, British Columbia
E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come (100)  
Paul Manz
Revelation 22
Conducted by Denise Marquette; Burnaby, British Columbia
Cantate Gloria (23)  
Alan Bullard
Conducted by Jeannette Oliver; Burtonsville, Maryland
Requiem Motet (113)  
Daniel Moe
text from the Requiem Mass
Conducted by Sara Hanson; Seattle, Washington
Kyrie (40)  
from Memorial
René Clausen
Conducted by Michael Hayden; Muncie, Indiana
O Crux (92)  
Mark Jennings
Conducted by Adam Con; Statesboro, Georgia
Hodie (42)  
Nancy Hill Cobb
Conducted by Betsy Wagner; San Jose, California
O Nata Lux (50)  
Eleanor Daley
Conducted by Mark Kloepper; Tacoma, Washington
Lord of the Dancing Day (114)  
David Mooney
Shaker melody/Traditional English
Conducted by Catherine Robinson; Santa Fe, New Mexico
Soloist: Sara Hanson Flute: Lerie Kane Drum: Jeremy Kane
We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace (24)  
Traditional Folk Hymn
arr. Ronald Burrichter
Conducted by Joel Rosenauer; Kent, Washington
She Moved Through the Fair (116)  
Traditional Irish tune
arr. David Mooney
Conducted by Craig Bader; Sheridan, Oregon
Soloist: Shannon Huneryager
Belle of Belfast (78)  
Irish Folk Tune
arr. Herrington & Glick
Conducted by Kathryn Hunt; Vancouver, British Columbia
Flute: Lerie Kane
Walk Softly (33)  
Bob Chilcott
early Shaker anthem
Conducted by Ryan Batcheller; Nampa, Idaho
Sweet and Twenty (138)  
Daniel Lee Pederson
Text: William Shakespeare
Conducted by Frank Eychaner; Ontario, Oregon
Ton Thé (68)  
Jeanne & Robert Gilmore
arr. Susan Brumfield
Conducted by Jen Williams, Regina, Saskatchewan
Piano: Jeremy Kane
A Loving Heart to Thee (183)  
Robert H. Young
words by Robert Herrick
Conducted by Ieva Wool; Vancouver, British Columbia
Blue Tail Fly (19)  
arr. Dwight Bigler
Conducted by Otto Wild; Portland, Oregon
Xylophone: Jeremy Kane
Danny Boy (142)  
traditional Irish Folk Melody
arr. Brad Printz
Conducted by Klark Black; Henderson, Nevada
Flute: Lerie Kane
Music Down In My Soul (84)  
African American Spiritual
arr. Moses Hogan
Conducted by Cindy Jorstad; San Diego, California
Walk the Streets of Gold   
Andre Thomas
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Tambourines (180)  
Gwyneth Walker
poem by Langston Hughes
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Soloist: Cameron Herbert
Conducting Professor Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist. Carol Rich
Assistant to Prof Eichenberger. Marilynn Summers
Technical Support. Richard Crowley, Melva Lou Johnson, Jeremy Kane
Haystack Staff. Elizabeth Snyder, Chris Pieratti, Gladys Richardson, Emily Beloof