Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Haystack Program
Cannon Beach, Oregon   August 10, 2001
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Welcome guest.
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composers and publishers. Use of these materials is tracked.
Confirma Hoc, Deus [116]  
Composer: Jacob Handl
Text: Psalm 68:28-29
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Awake the Trumpet's Lofty Sound [115]  
from Samson
Composer: George Frederic Handel
Ed. Arr. William P. Rowan
Conducted by Mia Savage; Portland, Oregon
O Magnum Mysterium [42]  
Composer: César Alejandro Carrillo
Conducted by Terry Annalora; Miles City, Montana
And Sing Eternally [207]  
based on shape-note hymns
compiled & arr. Alice Parker
Conducted by Joel Rosenauer; Gresham, Oregon
Behold, I Make All Things New [217]  
Composer: Allen Pote
based on Isaiah 42, 43
Conducted by Jeannette Oliver; Silver Spring, Maryland
Create In Me, O God [25]  
Composer: Johannes Brahms
ed. Robert Shaw
Conducted by Nina Gilbert; Easton, Pennsylvania
Blessed is He Who Considers the Poor [7]  
Composer: Aleksandr Arkhangelsky
Text: Psalm 40, 41
Conducted by Jeff Heatherington; Portland, Oregon
Soloist: Terry Annalora, Tenor
Agnus Dei [156]  
Composer: Ron Kean
Conducted by Mavis Weston; Vancouver, British Columbia
There is no Rose of Such Virtue [240]  
Composer: Steven Sametz
15th Century Medieval lyrics
Conducted by Bernie Kuehn; Hillsboro, Oregon
Soloist: Cameron Herbert, Soprano
Gaudete! [238]   
Composer: Steven Sametz
after the Medieval carol
Conducted by Signe Lusk; Portland, Oregon
May Night [24]  
Composer: Johannes Brahms
arr. Jerry Weseley Harris
Conducted by Bob Edmondson; Woodland, California
Hush: On the death of a Bush Church [107]  
Composer: Iain Grandage
Conducted by Gary Bogle; Holland, Michigan
Soloist: Erin Gabriel, Soprano
The Crown of Roses [66]   
Composer: Eleanor Daley
Conducted by Judy Rose; Portland, Oregon
The Journey Home [309]  
Composer: Robert H. Young
Poem attributed to David Delaney
Conducted by Nick Williams; Rochester, New York
The Man In the Moon [168]   
Composer: Raymond Liebau
lyrics by Ruth Liebau
Conducted by Carol Patton; Vancouver, Washington
Buffalo Gals [47]  
American Traditional
arr. Bob Chilicott
Conducted by Catherine Robinson; Columbia Falls, Montana
Oro My Currach [99]  
Irish Folk Song
arr. Neil Ginsberg
Conducted by Mark Kloepper; Seattle, Washington
John Saw Duh Numbuh [275]  
Traditional Spiritual
arr. André J. Thomas
Conducted by Ieva Wool; Vancouver, British Columbia
I Want to be Ready [17]  
African-American Spiritual
arr. By Roy L. Belfield, Jr.
Conducted by John Hartman; Toledo, Ohio
Soloist: Catherine Robinson, Soprano
Glory, Glory, Glory to the New Born King [136]  
Composer: Moses Hogan
based on "Go Tell it On the Mountain"
Conducted by Hal Eastburn; Corvallis, Oregon
Soloist: Terry Annalora, Tenor
Gladsome Light [46]  
Composer: Pavel Chesnokov
From the Vesper Service
Sightreading Demonstration
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
My Dancing Day [241]  
From The Promised Messiah
Composer: John Sanders
Sightreading Demonstration
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Three Australian Bush Songs [108]  
Dawn — Birds — Sunset
Composer: Iain Grandage 
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Conducting Professor: Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Assistant to Mr. Eichenberger: Marilynn Summers
Portland State Haystack Staff: Maggie Herrington & Tony Midson
Technical Support: Richard Crowley, Peter Nordquist, Melva Lou Drury