Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Haystack Program
Cannon Beach, Oregon   August 11, 2000
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Welcome guest.
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use only by program participants. Please honor the rights of the
composers and publishers. Use of these materials is tracked.
Gloria [# 36]
Composer: Stephen Chatman
for double chorus
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Ecce Maria (Behold the Virgin Mary) [# 205]
Composer: Michael Prætorius
Antiphon at Second Vespers
Conducted by Kathleen Powell; Seattle, Washington
Tu Pauperum Refugium [# 195]
(You are the Refuge for the Poor)
Composer: Josquin des Prez
ed. Bonnie Borshay Sneed
Conducted by Michael Hayden; Muncie, Indiana
Laudate Pueri [# 166]
(Now Praise Him)
Composer: W. A. Mozart
Psalm 113
Conducted by Mark Kloepper; Seattle, Washington
Pater Noster [# 235]
(Our Father)
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Conducted by Brian Eichenberger; Denver, Colorado
Abschiedslied der Zurvogel [# 158]
(Farewell Song of the Birds)
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
ed. Robert Carl
Conducted by Brenda Stevens; Portland, Oregon
Wechsellied zum Tanz [# 22]
(Variations for the Dance)
Composer: Johannes Brahms
ed. William D. Hall
Conducted by Elizabeth Kamerin; Las Vegas, Nevada
As Torrents in Summer [# 65]
Composer: Sir Edward Elgar
Text: Henry Longfellow
Conducted by Mary Lycan; Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Ave Maria [# 227]
Composer: Joan Szymko
Conducted by Kim Kamerin; Las Vegas, Nevada
La Villanella [# 202]
(The Village Girl)
arr. Steven Sametz
Soloists: Terry Annalora, Cameron Herbert, Carol Young
Conducted by Gary St. John; Sandy, Oregon
Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi [# 48]
Composer: David N. Childs
St. Francis of Assisi
Flute: Mary McCarty
Conducted by Judith Herrington; Lakewood, Washington
Steam Train [# 157]
South African Folk Song
arr. Stuart McIntosh
Conducted by Betty Busch; Corvallis, Oregon
How Can I Keep from Singing [# 107]
American Hymn Tune
arr. Judith Herrington
Conducted by Julie Kangas; Tacoma, Washington
Rytmus [# 120]
Composer: Ivan Hrušovskỳ
Conducted by Joel Rosenauer; Graham, Washington
Gentle Annie [# 69]
Composer: Stephen Foster
arr. Alice Parker & Robert Shaw
Conducted by Nancy Gray; Poway, California
Bless to Me, O God [# 73]
Composer: Daniel E. Gawthrop
Text: traditional
Conducted by Nick Kyrus; Alexandria, Virginia
As Long Ago [# 74]
Composer: Daniel E. Gawthrop
Text: Christina Rossetti
Conducted by Jayne Campbell; Sherman Oaks, California
Every Night [# 237]
Composer: Gwyneth Walker
Traditional Appalachian
Soloist: Kalin Schmoldt
Conducted by Catherine Robinson; Columbia Falls, Montana
The Dream Keeper [# 24]
Composer: Dave Brubeck
Text: Langston Hughes
Conducted by Jeff Heatherington; Portland, Oregon
In Stiller Nacht [# 216]
(In the Quiet Night)
Vijay Singh
Altes Passionlied
French Horn: Betty Busch, Guitar: Michael Bryson
Conducted by Vicky Thomas; Seattle, Washington
Ride On, King Jesus [# 115]
Traditional Spiritual
arr. Moses Hogan
Soloist: Catherine Robinson
Conducted by Otto Wild; Portland, Oregon
I Got a Home in-a Dat Rock [# 114]
Traditional Spiritual
arr. Moses Hogan
Soloist: Mike Iverson
Conducted by Jim Holloway; Alexandria, Virginia
Set Down Servant 
arr. Shaw
(sight-reading demonstration)
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Lamentations of Jeremiah [# 223]
Composer: Z. Randall Stroope
Text: Lamentations
Conducted by Rod Eichenberger
Conducting Professor Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist Carol Rich
Assistant to Mr. Eichenberger Marilynn Summers
Portland State Haystack Staff Nancy Goldman, Julie Akers
Conducting Workshop Technical Support Gene Lysinger, Richard Crowley