Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Haystack Program
Cannon Beach, Oregon  August 7, 1998
Accompanist: Carol Rich
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Heilig (Holy, Holy, Holy) [# 122] 2:38  
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
ed. John Rutter
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger, Florida
Dicite in Gentibus [# 2] 4:28  
Composer: Anton Adlgasser
English translation by David Stein
Conducted by Catherine Robinson, Washington
Solos: Cameron Herbert (S); Jayne Campbell (A);
Mick Bryson (T); Adam Steele, (B)
O Magnum Mysterium [# 211] 3:24  
Composer: Tomas Luis deVictoria
ed. Chester L. Alwes
Conducted by Eugene Lysinger, Oregon
Veni Sancto Spiritus [# 207] 3:02  
Composer: Frantisek Tuma
Antiphon for the invocation of the Holy Spirit
Conducted by Harold Sheppard, Oregon
Solos: Cinda Reeves (S); Carol Young (MS)
Parce Domine [# 142] 3:17  
Composer: Felix Nowowieski
text by Arno Herolaska
Conducted by Gary St. John, Oregon
Magnificat in B flat [# 10] 3:10  
Composer: Johann Pachelbel
ed. Robert Scholz
Conducted by Doree Jarboe, Oregon
Solos: Cameron Herbert (S); Sue Hale (A); Carol Young (MS);
Tim Russell (T), Mike Iverson (B)
Alleluia [# 115] 4:06  
Composer: Ralph Manuel
Conducted by Phil Hurley, Oregon
Festival Introit  [# 104] 3:18  
Composer: Greg Knauf
Text from Psalms
Conducted by John Hartman, Ohio
Lo, How a Rose [# 67] 3:26  
arr. Daniel Gawthrop
melody from Alte Catholische Kircensgang
Conducted by Patrick Gillette, Oregon
Deo Gracias [# 107] 1:33  
Composer: Jim Leninger
Conducted by Janet Steidel, California
Ave Maria  [# 31] 3:25  
Composer: Rene Clausen
Conducted by Christopher Peterson, Maine
Joseph, Lieber Mein [# 179] 3:20  
arr. Samuel Scheidt
ed. George Lynn
Conducted by Victoria Thomas, Washington
Night Sleep, Death and the Stars [# 68] 6:10  
Composer: Daniel Gawthrop
text from Walt Whitman
Conducted by Jayne Campbell, California
Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart [# 29] 3:02  
Composer: David N. Childs
Song of Solomon
Conducted by Adam Con, British Columbia
French Horn: Betty Busch
Never Seek to Tell Thy Love [# 196] 2:32  
Composer: Timothy Snyder
text by William Blake
Conducted by Jeannette Oliver, Maryland
Soft are the Soles [# 62] 2:17  
Composer: James Fritschel
text by G. J. Neumann
Conducted by Jane Ramseyer Miller, Minnesota
Cantemus! [# 6] 2:08  
Composer: Lajos Bardos
Conducted by Mary Lycan, North Carolina
How Can I Keep from Singing? [# 199] 3:26  
Composer: Robert Lowry
text by Anna Bartlett Warner
Conducted by Jennifer Hazel, New Hampshire
Solo: Jacob Herbert (T)
In the Night We Shall Go In [# 171] 5:30  
Composer: Imant Raminsh
Text by Pablo Neruda
Conducted by Mark Slegers, Oregon
French Horn: Betty Busch
Deep River [# 143] 3:34  
American Spiritual
arr. Sam Batt Owens
Conducted by Randy Stenson, Japan
Solo: Phil Hurley (T)
Go Down Death [# 94] 3:29  
Composer: Ron Jeffers
Conducted by Lani Johnson, Oregon
Solo: Carol Young (MS)
Hallelujah! [# 17] 1:40  
arr. Charles Brown
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Solo: Cameron Herbert (S)
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming [# 164] 4:13  
Composer: Praetorius/Sandström
English text by Theodore Baker
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida (performed in the round)
Blazhen muzh (Blessed Is the Man) [# 26] 4:37  
Composer: Pavel Chesnokov
text from Psalms
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Solo: Mike Iverson (B)
Naiman Sharag (The Eight Chestnut Horses) [# 46] 3:17  
Composer: Se Enkhbayar
text by Nasun
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger; Tallahassee, Florida
Solo: Terry Annalora (T)
Variations on Happy Birthday [unpublished] 1:36  
Composer: Joel Rosenauer
Variations on Happy Birthday [unpublished] 0:45  
Composer: Gary Shanon
Variations on Happy Birthday [unpublished] 1:17  
Composers: Kambeitz/Kambeitz/Kambeitz/DeShera/Wolff/Katemopoulos
Variations on Happy Birthday [unpublished] 0:49  
Composer: Adam Steele
Conducting Professor: Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Dalcroze Eurhythmics Instructor: Clayton Miller
Assistant to Prof. Eichenberger: Marilynn Summers
PSU Haystack Program Director: Margaret Harrington
PSU Haystack Coordinators: Julie Akers & Nisa Haron
Conductor’s Videotapes: Gene Lysinger
Computer, Publishing, Video. Richard Crowley
Video Production: Richard Crowley, Dave Morgan Camera, Jim McNeil,
Matthew McNeil, Ben Wenzel, Gene Lysinger