Choral Conducting Concert
Portland State University Haystack Program
Cannon Beach, Oregon   August 4, 1995
Accompanist: Carol Rich
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Laetatus Sum  
Composer: Johann Michael Haydn
ed. by David Stein
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger 
All Ye Who Music Love  
Composer: Baldassare Donato
ed. Victoria Meredith
Conducted by Mary Rashid, Royal Oak, Michigan
Composer: Antonio Lotti
tr. George Lynn
Conducted by Richard Goodspeed, Hurst, Texas
Sing to the Lord  
Composer: Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
ed. & tr. Robert S. Hines
Conducted by Brian Eichenberger, Denver, Colorado
Locus Iste  
Composer: Anton Bruckner
ed. Patrick M. Liebergen
Conducted by Terry Annalora, Miles City, Montana
E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come  
Composer: Paul Manz
Text: Revelation 22
Conducted by Janet Steidel, Danville, California
Sancta Maria  
Composer: Anders Öhrwall
Melody: Georgian Chant
Conducted by Lyn Loewi, Portland, Oregon
Jamais Je n’Aimerai Grand Homme (Your Haughty Heart)  
ed. Linda Allen Anderson
6th Century Chanson
Conducted by Holly Johnson, Ashland, Oregon
Si ch’io vorrei morire (Yes, I want to die!)  
Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
ed. Kenneth Fulton
Conducted by Michael Hayden, Muncie, Indiana
Praise of Spring (Lob des Fruhlings Op.100, No. 2)  
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
ed. Francis J. Guenther, S.J
Conducted by Mark Kloepper, Seattle, Washington
O Süsser Mai! (O Lovely May!)  
Composer: Johannes Brahms
ed. Theron Kirk
Conducted by Jim Holloway, Washington, DC
Treue Liebe (True Love)  
arr. Robert Page
Trad. German Folksongs
Collection: Das Zerbrochene Ringlein (The Broken Ring)
Conducted by Michael Bryson, Corvallis, Oregon
O Mistress Mine  
Composer: Peter Williams
text: William Shakespeare
Conducted by Margaret Green, Vancouver, Washington
As Imperceptibly as Grief  
Composer: Timothy Snyder
Text: Emily Dickinson
Conducted by Catherine Robinson, Seattle, Washington
Soprano Solo: Heidi Kuhn
Te Quiero (I Adore You)  
Composer: Alberto Favero
Arr. Liliana Cangiano
Conducted by Doug Albertson, Tillamook, Oregon
Tenor Solo: Randy Stenson; Alto Solo: Carol Young
Nodle Kangbyon (Beside the Nodle River)  
arr. Wallace Hornady
Trad. Korean Folksong
Conducted by Merrilee Barratt, American Fork, Utah
Peace Like a River  
African-American Spiritual
arr. Gwyneth Walker
Conducted by Regina Carlow, Silver Spring, Maryland
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me  
arr. Raymond H. Haan
Conducted by Crystal Un-Rau, Vancouver, British Columbia
Ojos Azules  
Composer: Ruben Uquillas
Arr. Gerardo Guevarra
Conducted by Mike Kambeitz, San Jose, California
Las Mañanitas  
Trad. Mexican Song
ed. & arr. Ramón Noble
Conducted by Jan DeShera, San Jose, California
Pål På Haugen (Paul and His Chickens)  
arr. Bradley Ellingboe
Trad. Norwegian Folksong
Conducted by Judy Herrington, Gig Harbor, Washington
I Hear America Singing  
Composer: André J. Thomas
Conducted by Jana Shader, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Kas tie tadi  
Composer: Sametz
(sight-reading demonstration)
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger
Betelehemu (Nigerian Christmas Song)  
Composers: Via Olatunji & Wendell Whalum
arr. Barrington Brooks
Conducted by Rodney Eichenberger
Conducting Instructor: Rodney Eichenberger
Accompanist: Carol Rich
Alexander Technique Instructor: Elinor Morin
Dalcroze Eurhythmics Instructor: Clayton Miller
PSU Coordinators: Carolyn Holzman, Nisa Haron
Haystack Program Director: Nancy Goldman
Video: Gene Lysinger
Computer: Richard Crowley