Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church
 Portland, Oregon, USA

 Rieger Orgelbau, 1988
 With digital additions by Walker, 2006

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Organ Specifications
GREAT  (Manual I)   Positiv  (Manual II) Enclosed
Prinzipal  (digital) 16   Spitzprinzipal (digital) 8
Pommer 16  Erzahler 8
Principal Erzahler céleste
Spitzflöte Holzgedackt
Cornet (V) to tenor F 8   Principal 4
Octav Koppelflöte
Nachthorn Sesquialtera (II) 2-2/3 + 1-3/5 
Superoctav Gemshorn
Mixtur IV 1-1/3  Larigot 1-1/3 
Trompete Scharff (III)
Clarion Krummhorn
    Festival Trumpet (digital) 8
     Tuba (digital) 8
Swell (Manual III) Enclosed Pedal
Geigenprincipal (digital) Violone (digital) 32
Gamba   Principal 16 
Voix céleste 8 Subbass 16 
Gedeckt 8 Principal
Prestant Gedackt
Blockflöte Choralbass
Nazard 2-2/3  Rauschpfeife (IV) 2-2/3
Plein Jeu (VI) 2-2/3  Bombarde (digital) 32
Flöte Bombarde 16
Terz 1-3/5  Posaune 8
Basson 16     
Trompette Non-Pipe Additions
Haut-bois Chimes (digital)
Clarion Zimbelstern (digital)  
 Couplers: I/II, III/II, III/I, I/P, II/P, III/P
 Solid-state combination action system with 16 memories.
 8 General pistons
 4 Pistons for each manual and for pedal
 Programmable crescendo pedal with 3 scenarios
Voices noted (digital) are an addition by Walker Technical Co.